How do you see The Graph protocol and subgraphs evolving in the future?

#web3ru #graphcurators Discord: RAISEROS#2786 Russian community:

Today, I would like to talk about such a very promising project as The Graph. I believe that this project is the future of blockchain, WEB 3.0 Thanks to this project, the entire blockchain industry, and new technologies will develop strongly. This will be facilitated by fast and cheap extraction of information from the blockchain using Graph.

User data will be stored in a decentralized manner, and high data protection will also be provided, so that no outsiders will have access to it. End users of the services will control the information they create, Web 3. 0 will be shared and confidential.

The Graph is already actively developing. At the moment, Graph already processes more than 50 million requests per day. Allows almost any user to interact with the project. One of the main goals of the project is the development of decentralization or high data reliability.

The main factors of development and popularity of The Graph:

- Allows you to control and adjust the inflationary-monetary model of the token

- Provides a decentralized future.

- Cloud computing and storage applications will share, encrypt, and share data across many thousands of separate, independent hosts. Users of WEB 3.0 messengers can easily communicate with friends without worrying about the safety of their data.

- Many projects are involved in The Graph, and there is already an application of this product.

- major industry projects already support the Graph.

- Stability and prospects are ensured by the presence of large funds of investors in the project.

In conclusion, I would like to say that The Graph project is becoming an increasingly large, great, and secure decentralized system. Attracts more and more subgraphs, the number of which is becoming more and more. Subgraphs are happy with the system, as it is a fast and reliable solution. The graph is getting better and has great prospects in the future. I am happy and proud to participate and help the project move to a higher level of development.

I want to express my gratitude to the community and The Graph team. You guys are the best!

I was helped by a very friendly Russian community:, @redbooker, Vasili#6161 Discord




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